Science 7 Final Benchmark!!!

The science 7 final benchmark has been moved to Monday June 18th.  Please hold on to your study guides and keep studying!!  If you are afraid you will lose your study guide I can hold on to it until we get a little closer to the test.  We will continue with the rest of the material we needed to cover and will use several days before the test to continue our review  🙂

Vertebrate Test!!!!

We will be having a vertebrate test this Friday 5/9.  This test will cover fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.  Complete and study the review sheet that was sent home on Tuesday 5/7.

4th 9 weeks!

For the 4th 9 weeks, we will be finishing up vertebrates and moving into animal behavior, cycles (water, oxygen/carbon, and nitrogen), biomes, and conservation.  We also hope to do some fun, year-end projects and labs 🙂