Have you ever wondered why you look the way you look?  Why you look more like one parent over the other or even maybe look more like a grandparent?  Well… we are soon going to find out!! we will be discussing DNA, inherited traits, punnett squares, genetic
engineering, and  important scientists in the    field of genetics!

***Genetics Test***this Thursday 11/17!!!  And Zoo project due 11/17!!

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Science Benchmark # 1

WOW!  It is hard to believe that we are already preparing for our first benchmark!!! Our Science 7 Benchmark will be on Thursday 10/6 and it will cover scientific investigation (variables, reading and interpreting graphs, measurement), cells, cell theory, and cell division.  A study guide will be coming home with students on Tuesday and Wednesday we will be reviewing for this benchmark. (Bring electronics on Wednesday to play KAHOOT!!)  Below is a copy of the study guide with answers