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Benchmark Quarter 2!!!

It is hard to believe that we are already getting started with our 2nd quarter benchmarks and the year is half way over!!!! Below is a copy of the study guide  answer key, along with quizizz codes for students to review with.

Benchmark 2 study guide answers codes:

  •   scientific method/variables (239429)
  • cells and cell theory (653074)
  • cell cycle (066042)
  • genetics (703909)
  • punnett squares (711140)
  • change over time (095466)



Changes over time!

We are wrapping up our unit on changes over time (adaptations, mutations, natural selection, and evolution).  We will have a unit test on this and a review over genetics this Thursday!!! 11/30  Please see the homework page for a copy of the study guide and answer key 🙂


  We are diving in to the world of genetics.  We will be seeing why and how we look the way we look!  We will have several in class projects and activities with this unit.  Please feel free to access your schoology account at home if you need to get caught up on any assignments 🙂

Quarter 1 at home Project and Q1 benchmark!!

                                      Students will be bringing home an at home project for quarter 1 on the Cell Cycle.  Students will need to choose 1 of the following to complete! This project is due on October, 12!!!

opt. 1 for Q1 Project- CellCycleTaskboard

opt.2 for Q1 project- Make your own Cell Cycle Model

opt 3 Q1 project-CellCycleComicProject


Answer key to study guide is attached below 🙂



Plant Cell Clipart

Over the next few weeks we will be discussion all things cellular 🙂  We will be completing an in-class project along with using the chromebooks/schoology to further our knowledge on cells !

1st period will be working on an in class project menu!

2nd, 3rd, and 4th will be working on an in class team project about an alien invasion!!  Students will have to determine the type of cell the alien has and try to come up with a way to defeat the alien!

Scientific Investigation and Measurement

We are getting started with scientific investigation and measurement this week and will practice with microscopes next week!!!  The chromebooks are in and we will be using them (please bring headphones/earbuds to class: 🙂 )  Make sure to check the homework page for any homework and quiz info!

Science Final Test!!!

Wow! It is hard to believe our year is almost over!!! Below you will find a link to the study guide for the final and several quizizz games to play for review.

study guide for final 2017

study guide Answers for Science final 2017

go to (game codes are below) for a great review!!!

616874                                                                                                                                       367157                                                                                                                                        056849