Homework # 14:  6 kingdoms riddles- due 1/25

SixKingdomRiddles (1)


Study for test on Genetics and Changes over time (evolution).  Test on 11/30

Genetics and Evolution Study Guide

study guide answer key for genetics and evolution test


HW#12:  Earth system history and adaptations

hw #12 earth science history (evolution) and adaptation

Quiz on punnett squares and open notes vocab (change over time) 11/16)

Quiz on Genetics 11/2:  Shape of DNA, DNA base pairs, genotypes, phenotypes, hybrid, purebred, punnett squares, and genetic scientists.

HW #10:  Sponge Bob Genetics–due 11/2



Quiz on identifying organelles in the plant and animal cell on Thursday 9/28

Homework # 7 due Thursday 9/28—cell function review and cell labeling review

HW 7 functions of organelles

hw 7-cells practice worksheet 2


Quiz on cell organelle functions on Thursday 9/21!!!!!

Homework # 6 due Thursday 9/21—Cell Functions Qr codes and 1st period: cell organelle function matching  /  2nd, 3rd, 4th:  cell organelle riddles


OrganelleIdentificationPoetry (1)


Homework # 5 due Thursday 9/14—basic cell info practice

Cell Organelles Worksheet-hw #5

homework #5 cell check list


Homework # 4 due Thursday 9/7—variable practice color by number sheet (click below if you need another copy)

IndependentDependentVariablesFunColoringActivity (3)


Homework # 3 due Thursday 8/31—SpongeBob Variables (click below if you need another copy)

ScientificMethodsPractice advanced



Homework #2:  due Thursday!—Reading tables and graphs worksheet  1st period (1-7)  2nd, 3rd, 4th period (1-9)

ScienceInterpretingDataFromTablesandGraphs (1)

Homework # 1:  due Thursday!— Signed portion of the syllabus, supplies, $5.00 science fee.

7th Grade Life Science Syllabus