Have you ever wondered why you look the way you look?  Why you look more like one parent over the other or even maybe look more like a grandparent?  Well… we are soon going to find out!! we will be discussing DNA, inherited traits, punnett squares, genetic
engineering, and  important scientists in the    field of genetics!

***Genetics Test***this Thursday 11/17!!!  And Zoo project due 11/17!!

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Science Benchmark # 1

WOW!  It is hard to believe that we are already preparing for our first benchmark!!! Our Science 7 Benchmark will be on Thursday 10/6 and it will cover scientific investigation (variables, reading and interpreting graphs, measurement), cells, cell theory, and cell division.  A study guide will be coming home with students on Tuesday and Wednesday we will be reviewing for this benchmark. (Bring electronics on Wednesday to play KAHOOT!!)  Below is a copy of the study guide with answers



We are getting rcellfieeady  to start into our cell unit! Some of the topics we will discuss are parts of a plant and animal cell, cell scientists, and cell division.  We will be completing lots of activities using the microscopes and some in-class projects all about cells!

2nd and 4th blocks will be completing a project-based learning project on cells for the rest of September.  The project is an investigation about aliens (students are working as scientists to identify the structure of alien cells and how this may save the Earth!!! This project will be completed in class.

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Scientific Investigation!!!

parts of a scientist

We will be working on variables, parts of an experiment, metric measurement, and graphing for the next several weeks. We will have our first quiz next Thursday 9/1 on scientific investigation!!

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Welcome Back!!!


I hope each of you have had a wonderful summer break but I am super excited to be back at school.   I have attached the parent letter, syllabus, and information.  Remember, the bottom portion of the parent letter does need to be returned as the first homework grade. I look forward to getting to know each of you this school year!

~ Mrs. Ellis

pdf version 2016-2017 parent letter and syllabus

remind invite life science

Remind invite advanced life science

Final Science Test!!!

The 20115-2016 school year is quickly coming to an end.  Our Final test will be on 5/18.  Tomorrow (5/17) we will be reviewing by playing kahoot.  Students can bring their electronics if available.    Be on the lookout for review sheets! 🙂