Benchmark # 1!!!

Our first benchmark is coming up!!  Science 7 will be taking the benchmark on October 31st.  It will cover scientific investigation, characteristics of living things, cells, cell theory, levels of organization, cellular transport, mitosis, and meiosis.  Be on the lookout for a study guide  🙂  After the benchmark we will also be working on ANY missing work! Soooo if you have any work that needs to be turned in please do so soon.

Science 7 Final Benchmark!!!

The science 7 final benchmark has been moved to Monday June 18th.  Please hold on to your study guides and keep studying!!  If you are afraid you will lose your study guide I can hold on to it until we get a little closer to the test.  We will continue with the rest of the material we needed to cover and will use several days before the test to continue our review  🙂

Vertebrate Test!!!!

We will be having a vertebrate test this Friday 5/9.  This test will cover fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.  Complete and study the review sheet that was sent home on Tuesday 5/7.

4th 9 weeks!

For the 4th 9 weeks, we will be finishing up vertebrates and moving into animal behavior, cycles (water, oxygen/carbon, and nitrogen), biomes, and conservation.  We also hope to do some fun, year-end projects and labs 🙂

3rd 9 weeks!!

This 9 weeks we will be focusing on the Plant and Animal Kingdoms!  We will discuss different types of plants (vascular and nonvascular), pollination, and the parts of plants.  With the animal kingdom we will look at the different phylums and classes of animals.  We will then discuss animal behavior and animal interactions!

Classification and the 6 Kingdoms

Hope you all had a GREAT break!!! We will be reviewing evolution and starting classification.  After classification we will start learning about the 6 kingdoms (Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protist, Fungi, Plants, and Animals)!

***This FRIDAY 1/11:  we will be having a mini-test on evolution and classification.***

Benchmark review packet

Any student that missed any question on the science benchmark # 1 should be bringing home a packet to work on.  This packet reviews the SOLs that each individual student missed.  This packet is due  Friday, 11/16.  Students may still turn in the packet late, each day will be 1 point off.  The grade will be used as a test grade.

1st period Cell Project

1st period will be working on an in class project Friday(10/19) and Monday (10/22).  Students will be creating an edible cell.  They will work with a group to figure out what they will need or want to use for each of the organelles in either a plant or animal cell.  They will need to bring in all of their supplies on Friday or Monday and put it together in class as a group.  They will be graded on correctness, neatness, presentation (to Mrs. Ellis), and creativeness!!!  This will be worth a project/test grade.  Be on the look out for pictures of these GREAT projects :).