Websites and Helpful places!

Hidden Animals Game:  Find the hidden/camouflage animals!

Food Web Interactive

Food Chain/Food Web Activities!!!   Click Here!!!

Food Chains

Water cycle games

Carbon Cycle game


Pavlov’s Dogs Interactive

Classification Websites!!




ELT 11/17 website:

8/31-9/2: Measurement Stations Click below!

Metric Measurement 1



Use these 2 sites to find circle or highlight the answers in your chart.

Classification website #1

Classification website #2

Use the following website to find the classification of the Rhesus Monkey.

Rhesus Monkey

Punnett Square Computer Lab:

Website # 1

Website # 2

Website # 3

Punnett Square Practice Computer Lab

Diffusion Lab

Osmosis Lab

Mitosis computer lab 1

Mitosis computer lab 2

Metric Measurement 1:  

Classification and 6 Kingdoms review and Games

What kind of animal?

Animal Characteristics

Classify This

A touch of Class

Animal classification : Hang Man

Animal Idol

Fish Dichotomous Key

Macro invertebrate Dichotomous Key

Plant Dichotomous Key

6 Kingdoms Computer Lab

*  Micro-Organisms

*  Virtual Pond Dip

* Classifying Life

Science World:  Great place to read and find science articles or current events.  Click on Student Sign in  (password= mrskellis1)

Evolution and Adaptation Games


Evolution Experience

Bite-Size Evolution

Mating Game

Finch Game

Monster Game

Build a Beast

Animal Needs

Switch Zoo

Mission Adaptation


ExploreLearning Gizmo Lab:  Natural Selection

  • Click log in and enter your user name and password that you created a few weeks ago. (If you cannot remember your log in information, ask Mrs. Ellis or if you did not create a username and password see log in class code on the board to create a username)
  • Click Launch Gizmo under the natural selection gizmo
  • Follow the directions on the page to complete the activity
  • put in your binder when you are finished!


Cell Review and Genetics Intro


Journey into the Cell video:  Be sure to answer the questions that go along with this.

Cells!!!!!!–anatomy of the cell



Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection






Google search engine to find/search info about organisms


Punnett Square Practice

MITOSIS Computer lab 1

MITOSIS Computer lab 2


Endangered Species List


Plant Game

Plant Dissection

Plant games


Plant Evolution Website


* Go to the above website and complete the webquest

Plants Questions


* Go the the above website and answer the questions about the xylem, phloem, mosses and liverworts.


Computer Lab:  evolution and adaptation 2                                                                 *  Go to the following websites and play the following games.  You may use your headphones if you have your own.  When you are finished, you may play any of the games/websites listed on this site or log off of your computer and plug back in. You may then get a homework sheet from Mrs. Ellis.

Website # 1

Website # 2

Website # 3

Website # 4

Website # 5

Website # 6

Website # 7

Website # 3

Evolution and Adaptation:

Website # 1

Website # 2

Website # 3




Website for 9/19/12:


Cells Webquest